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Applescript Reminder
February 21, 2003

Create is totally Applescriptable. One of its early cool features was the ability to save a document as Applescript--as a script that, when run, will recreate the document. (See File->Save Other->Save Applescript...). This can be used to learn how to script Create, and to use Applescript to create variations on documents on the fly. (See our Balloon Card script in the Scripts menu.)

We're glad to see that other applications are starting to use Applescript generation as a tool: In Using OmniGraffle as an RSS News Reader with Applescript, Jesse Shanks notes:
Another aspect that is unique so far as I have seen for an application is the ability to create an object on a document and then go to Edit > Copy As > AppleScript. By selecting this menu item, the AppleScript code necessary to create that object is put on the clipboard and then can be pasted into the Script Editor or into the Action window to attach a script to an object.

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