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RSS Syndication
February 20, 2003

We just added an RSS feed to the weblog, so you can see what's new without having to navigate to the site. Here's the feed.

RSS Descriptions
Steve Ivy ( February 23, 2003 07:54:37 PM

Hi guys!

It's awesome to see another OS X developer (and an original at that!) blogging about their products! Thanks!

I note that you're only providing one-liners as your descriptions in the RSS feed. I'd like to repectfully ask for the full (html-escaped, not stripped) content of the post to be provided. there are many of us who do the majority of our blog reading in an RSS reader such as NetNewsWire, and I personally subscribe to feeds that don't let me read the whole thing right there.

Anyway, thanks again!

Pure RSS reader..
Richard Soderberg ( February 24, 2003 06:20:05 PM

I'm only able to read your site via RSS, most of the time; I let NNW update and show new articles, and then I occasionally have Internet and can view full article content.

The summaries are critical, though I'd really prefer a full-content feed.
Oo, nice.
Richard Soderberg ( February 26, 2003 01:40:31 PM

Looks much cooler now. Thanks!
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Kris Jensen

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