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PStill just got way cooler with totally automated work flow!
February 19, 2003

OK - I'm very psyched. Because Stone Studio in general and PStill in particular are Cocoa apps and so very native OS X, a new feature Apple added to Mac OS X 10.2.4 gives PStill more power than ever!

You can print from any application directly into PStill or any number of watched folders, each with their own custom set of options (example: Web, Standard Print, High End Print, etc. etc.)

How to Add PStill and Watched Folders to the Print Panel

    In FINDER:
  • Create a folder PDF Services in the Library folder in your home.
  • Select PStill in /Applications or /Applications/Stone Studio
  • Choose File -> Make Alias
  • Move the alias to the PDF Services folder
  • Rename alias something useful for a menu item such as "Repurpose through PStill"
  • You can define Watched Folders in PStill's Preferences and make aliases of those and drag into the PDF Services folder to make them automatically process the file. Use Preferences's Preference Sets button to save a set to the watched folder.

More info from Apple

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