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About this blog
Andrew writes the software; Kris writes the docs. Andrew answers lots of email, giving people lots of cool info about how to use the Stone Design products. Kris uses Create and the other Stone Design products every day.

Kris maintains a weblog (
SquareZ) dealing with her (other) interest: calling square dances. She convinced Andrew that a weblog format could work for sharing insights about Stone Studio. Kris took the code (PHP and mySql) from her website and modified it to run here. She used Create to put the pieces together.

Both Andrew and Kris will add notes when they feel like it. All stories can have comments; if there’s enough interest, the site could expand to include a forum for user discussions.

We put the blog in the Community section of the Stone Design website because we hope it will encourage a sense of community with our users. Join us!

How to navigate:

The start page will show the most recent stories. To see others’ comments and add your own, click the Comment link at the bottom of the story.

You can use the calendar to read what Kris or Andrew wrote on a particular date. To see all the past stories, click the All Stories menu item. To see what has been added in the past couple of weeks, click the What’s New menu item.
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