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Quick Start
Slicing Details
Web Output

Generating HTML
When you've set the output options and preferences, choose File->Slice & Dice. Enter a new folder name in the Save dialog. SliceAndDice will create the directory, the HTML file, and the image files; it will then notify your browser to open the HTML file so you can see the results.

How To Use SliceAndDice's Output

How you use the HTML and image files created by SliceAndDice depends on the tools you use for building your web pages.

If you're hand-coding HTML, you can open the HTML file created by SliceAndDice and copy and paste the HTML into your own document. If you've used SliceAndDice's Rollover feature, you'll need to copy the JavaScript code into your <HEAD> section. SliceAndDice creates a self-contained TABLE to contain the image pieces; you can paste the table code into a table cell in your own HTML. Of course, you'll need to make sure to move the subimage files to the images folder in your page's folder.

If you’re using Stone Design’s Create®, choose
File->Save For Create…. This makes a Fully Sliced document which you can drag and drop into a Create document. When Create generates the HTML for the document, it will generate the Table code, JavaScript code, and subimages for the sliced image.

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