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Text Handling
• Supports right to left scripts
• Support for left, right, decimal and centered tabs
• Control inter-paragraph spacing
• Automatic Hyphenation is now stored on a per document basis
• Text Styles - you can save, drag & drop styles onto text! A style is a named collection of attributes including font, point size, line leading, text color, alignment, tab and indent settings. By applying a style to text, you can later edit the style and have all the text that refers to that style instantly updated to the new style. See:
Format -> Styles -> Styles... to bring up panel and editor
Format -> Styles -> Copy/Paste Style - transfers styles among text
Format -> Styles -> Copy/Paste Styles - transfers sets of styles between docs.
• Added automatic text block chaining for instant layout of books, etc:
     1. Drag in RTF or paste text, and size the text block as desired for the layout (If you want multiple columns per page, continue the text into subsequent columns)
     2. Click Text Continuation Arrow on last block on page (the only one if single column)
     3. Click "Add" from Page pop up or File->Pages->Add
     4. Click "OK" to the alert panel asking if you want as many pages as needed to fit text
• Added Bigger Font and Smaller Font menu items with comand keys
• Added Character Shape -> Traditional Form menu item to Font menu
• Added Info button on Text Ruler
• Added Speech menu items
Image Handling
• Export TIFFs at any DPI resolution
see Preferences -> Images -> Export TIFF DPI field
• New Preference: Speed versus Quality in Image handling
  see Create-> Preferences Image Tab
"Quality - Speed" radio buttons
• Speeded up large image handling without sacrificing print quality
• Pastes PDF from apps which provide PDF
• Reads EPSF pasteboard from Mathematica and Carbon Apps

HTML Features
• Custom Navigation Bar images - choose "Custom..." from Nav Bar Icon popup
• DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional
• Support for CSS classes
• Missing Resource - Find it dialog now offers a "Remove All" option
• Text Link Inspector Script field offers new window script from popup
• New Menu Item: Format -> Text -> Copy as HTML - The selected text block places its equivalent HTML code onto the pasteboard. Great for pasting into HTML-savvy web forms and web logs! If you are editing the text, then just the current selection is translated to HTML on the pasteboard.
• New Service - "Replace Text with HTML" - converts selected rich text in any conforming OS X application to its HTML equivalent.
• You can save your HTML as .html, .shtml, .htm, or .php
• You can save your HTML as any file ending via a special hidden default
• Hidden defaults to reduce space between Navigation bars and content
• AuthorTag hidden pref:
    defaults write com.stone.Create AuthorTag “Your Name”
• Support for Superscript and Subscript in HTML text.

Work Features
• Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys now move through document
• Hot Keys for instant tool selection with a single key press
• Tools -> Page Thumbnails... shows pages any way you want
• Zoom in instantly with COMMAND-OPTION click & drag a rectangle
• Zoom out instantly with COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT click
• Align Panel now has option to align objects to the page
• Added command keys for align top and bottom and centers
• Shift key now snaps multi line segments into 5 degree increments
• Control grid, rulers, zoom, doc size etc via AppleScript

Look And Feel
• New Aqua look for Guide Line Well
• New Application and Document icons
• Cool new Aqua Art, Effects and Blends

Application Features
• Automatic check for updates on launch
• New menu item Object -> New Objects -> Address... to add address from AddressBook
• You can drag in a VCARD or from Address Book for an instant address.
• New Scripts menu for instant script running from within Create
• You can have nested subfolders of scripts as deep as you like!
• Runs in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese.
• New Tutorials on adding Web Forms and Making Web sites
• Online help has been expanded - new printable pdf available online
• Automatic 30 day free license

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