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When you install PStill's EPS to PDF Filter, other applications can call PStill to tranlate these files into viewable PDF when you drop them in. This great for looking at EPS and other conforming PostScript files.

PStill's EPS to PDF Filter

Installation Instructions:

1. If you don't have a Stone Design CD, download & unpack software from

2. In the Extras Folder, you'll see a "Services" folder - copy this folder to your Library folder. If you want all users on your computer to have access to this, then place it into /Library, the Library that all users can have access to.

3. Log out and then log in to register the service the first time.

How to Use Instructions:

In any application running on Mac OS X, drop in a EPS file - this will launch the filter service which launches PStill to do the file translation - and you will see a viewable, antialiased pdf image.

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