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// GIFfun.h (c) 1998 Andrew C Stone
// (505) 345-4800 - Create(TM)
// The project header file: shared info for GIFfun

// Things IB localizers might need to know:

// IB TableView Identifiers:
#define I_NUMBER    @"number"
#define I_PATH        @"gifPath"
#define I_DELAY        @"delay"
#define I_IMAGE        @"image"

// IB "loopMatrix" tags:
#define LOOP_NONE    0
#define LOOP_SPECIFIED     1
#define LOOP_FOREVER    2

// Our published file type:
#define GIFFUN_FILE_TYPE @"gifAnim"

// Name of information and settings file in the file wrapper:
#define GIFFUN_SETTINGS_FILETYPE    @"settings"
#define GIFFUN_SETTINGS_FILE    @"GIFfun.settings"

// Name of file loaded by "Sample" menu item:
#define SAMPLE_GIFS    @"Example"

// Localization:
// Note the file "GIFfun.strings" - this was generated automatically by using genstrings
// It's a project "Other Resource", so it gets added to your app at compile time.
// exp:
// genstrings -s NSLocalizedStringFromTable -o . *[hm] *proj/*[hm]

#define DIRECTORY_KEY    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Folder", @"GIFfun", "statusfield word for Folder or diretory")

#define DROP_ON_KEY     NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Select 'Sample' or drop on some Images first!", @"GIFfun", "statusfield word for Folder or diretory")

#define SELECT_ROW_KEY     NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Select a GIF file first!", @"GIFfun", "statusfield word for Folder or diretory")

#define SAVE_AS        NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Save Animated GIF As...", @"GIFfun", "savepanel title")

#define SAVE_GIF_ANIMS    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Save GIFs & Settings", @"GIFfun", "save all the collected gifs save panel title")

#define SAVE_GIF_SETTINGS     NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Save Settings", @"GIFfun", "save delays and other settings SavePanel title")

#define NOW_MOVING_MSG    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Now Moving", @"GIFfun", "statusfield entry for moving a row")

#define MOVED_MSG    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Moved", @"GIFfun", "statusfield entry for moving a row")

#define FROM_MSG    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"from row", @"GIFfun", "statusfield entry for moving a row")

#define DEST_MSG    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"to row", @"GIFfun", "statusfield entry for moving a row")

#define FINISHED_MSG    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Animated GIF", @"GIFfun", "statusfield entry for moving a row")

#define CHOOSE_DIR    NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Animated GIF", @"GIFfun", "statusfield entry for moving a row")

#define JOB_FAILED NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"Job FAILED! Please see Tools->Console.", @"GIFfun", "when the task fails...")
Created by Stone Design's Create on 4/30/1998
©2000 Stone Design top