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Build Notes

This version of GIFfun was tested on Rhapsody, OpenStep and YellowBox for Windows. Please note the following flags and their uses:

To build on OpenStep for MACH, define OS_API (as in -DOS_API in the build line or a line in a header which says #define OS_API). The ability to convert any image to a GIF is not in OS4.2.

In RDR1, there was a nasty bug in NSTableView's deallocing of image's bitmap representations. So, please forgive me for the following nasty haque. (Apple's fixed this in RDR2 and it works in OpenStep, so it's a non-issue really). So, if GIFfun crashes when you click on Menu item "Sample" and you scroll the TableView, recompile with this flag:



#define RDR1

above it's usage in the source code, which is, to wit, in WINDOWS_HAQUE.subproj/NSBitmapImageRep_Haque.m:

#if defined(RDR1)

#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>

@implementation NSBitmapImageRep(_Haque)

/* folks -this is weird as can be but the TABLEVIEW is deallocing the
    the NSBitmapImageRep - no matter how many times I retain the image
    The interrim solution is to not throw it away!


- (void)dealloc
    // just waste memory...


One final note about building on YELLOWBOX: I had to tweak Kevin's whirlgif code to work on Windows, to wit, the files needed to be read and written in binary mode:

#ifdef WIN32

I also removed the compiler warnings with judicious nitpicking and prototyping.
Created by Stone Design's Create on 4/30/1998
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