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Q: How can I eliminate the "Create by Stone Design's PhotoToWeb..." at the bottom of each page?

A: As much as we'd like you to keep it there (you get a time stamp and we get the publicity and the ability to do searches and see the sites people have created), we can understand your wish to get rid of it.

  1. Choose PhotoToWeb->Preferences
  2. Go to the Options pane.
  3. Check the No Logo checkbox.

Q: I was reviewing old PhotoToWeb albums and found that a couple of them have lost the links to the photos they contain. I moved and renamed folders containing the photos (as well as the albums) since I made the albums. Is there any way to re-link the photos to the albums?

A: Since PhotoToWeb's file format is plain text, you can "reconnect" the photos by opening the file in TextEdit, searching on the former path, and replacing with the new path information. Also P2W does try to figure out where the photos are but it can't figure out where you moved things!

Q: When I create a web output folder, the images directory contains both the original image (for example, someimage.jpg) and another image version of the same image (someimage-100.jpg). What's up with that?

A: There are three things happening.

You've scaled the images to 100%.

You've checked the Include fullscale photos checkbox in the Layout pane of Photos->Web Options. This will always result in copying the original images to the images folder.

You've added a copyright notice to the photos. This will result in an new image which contains the copyright information text. PhotoToWeb adds the scale information to the image name to differentiate it from the original image.

Q: How do I write Applescripts to automate web page production?

A: You'll need the latest PhotoToWeb from our downloads page. Then, look at the samples here. We recommend that you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.1

Q: When I set the Absolute Width of all photos, the vertically oriented photos are much larger than the horizontally oriented photos. What can I do?

A: This was an issue in earlier versions. Make sure you download the latest version which makes the largest edge the Absolute Width so all photos have the same aspect ratio.

This is fixed in Version 1.3.32.

Q: I just changed my Preferences and I want all the albums in a library to use the new preferences. How can I easily remove all of the .album files so they will be rebuilt?

A: First, do not do this if you've added titles, captions, or stories to your albums, or if you've done any cropping or rotating. When you remove the album, all of these changes will be lost.

Now, assuming that you're sure you want to remove all the .album files, here's what you do:

  1. Open
  2. Type:
    cd TopDirectoryOfLibraryTree

    where TopDirectoryOfLibraryTree is replaced by the path to the top level of your library tree.
  3. Type:

    find . -name "*album" | xargs rm

    This will remove every file that ends in "album" from the current and all sub-directories. Be careful!

Q: The thumbnails made in PhotoToWeb show up as little "phantom of the opera mask images" in OmniWeb. Why?

A: OmniWeb has a preference setting that allows you to filter images whose sizes match standard advertising image sizes. PhotoToWeb's thumbnails default to 120 pixels and several ad sizes use 120 pixels as one of their the thumbnails are being filtered as possible advertising.

You can change the thumbnail output size in PhotoToWeb's Preferences window under the Layout tab. You can also turn off the "Don't automatically load images: __ whose sizes match the standard for ads" in OmniWeb's Privacy Preferences.

Q: How can I keep PhotoToWeb from inserting the words Table of Contents on the Table of Contents page?

A: Here's how to change that text - it's changed as a hidden default from the Terminal command line:

defaults write com.stone.PhotoToWeb TOC ""

(this example will NOT put in the words "Table of Contents")

If you want some other phrase, put the phrase you want between the quotes.

Do you have a question not answered here? Email us!

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