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Stone Studio™ for Mac OS X
Download and Installation FAQ
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General Questions

Downloading and Installing



Q: These links seem broken - I can't download.

A: The FTP site is busy - try the other site or wait a bit.

Q: I don't want to download a 19 MEGABYTE file - is there a CD?

A: You can order a CD for $19, including shipping by post, but the latest is always online.

Q: I downloaded StoneStudio-2001-07-12.dmg but I don't know where Internet Explorer put it!

A: By default, IE puts downloads in the folder Desktop in the folder Library in your home folder. See IE Edit->Preferences->Downloads for changing where downloads go.

Q: I found the StoneStudio-2001-07-12.dmg file - now what do I do?

A: Double-click it! This will launch the Disk Copy program and automatically mount the installation disk image. To copy the applications to your hard disk, just drag the Stone Studio folder icon to your Applications folder. (You don't have to put it there, but we strongly recommend it.)

Q: Why can't Finder copy the applicatons to my UFS home directory?

A: Finder loves HFS+ and hates everything else. You can still install on a UFS disk if you know how to launch Terminal and use "cp -r" to copy the files where you want.

Q: The Applications are folders! I am running Mac OS 9 or lower...

A: The Stone Studio is based on Aqua which only runs on Mac OS X, sorry. Come back when you upgrade to Mac OS X.

Q: I downloaded the software but it wants a license - don't you have trial demos?

A: Yes, of course we do. Go to our Demo License server for free fully-functional trial licenses.

Q: I have the DP4 or Public Beta versions - will they work in Mac OS X release?

A: No. Download the latest versions for Mac OS X.

Q: I forgot my administration password - can you tell me how to crack my machine?

A: Nice try! ;-)

Q: I get a permissions alert when installing fonts in PStill - now what?

A: This shouldn't happen, but might if permissions got changed in PStill while installing it.. You can fix this by logging in as root, starting Terminal, changing directory to where PStill is, and typing:

chmod a+rw

Q: Now that I've installed the Stone Studio, is there any way I can access all the applications from one dock icon?

A: Sure. Drag the Stone Studio folder to the right side of your dock (the side where the trash is and where document and folder icons go). Now, when you click and hold on that icon, you'll get a menu of all the Stone Studio applications. (This is a standard OS X feature; you can use it to access files in any folder that you drag to the dock.)

Q: How do I uninstall Stone Studio on Mac OS X 10.x?

A: Drag the Stone Studio folder to the trash.

If you installed PStill's EPS to PS filter service into /Library/Services, then drag the EPS to PDF filter in that folder to the trash.

You have to logout and then login to see the Services menu change. The Services menu is created dynamically based on the contents in your Applications folders at login. You may have to reboot to empty your trash if it complains about a "Create Daemon" or other background task still using a file.

Q: I just installed a new version of so-and-so and I get an unexpected error; what can I do?

A: Problem causes can range from:

Application is on dock and ran this session, user moves old app to trash, copies new one to Applications, double-clicks Dock icon of the app. Well, that icon is actually pointing to the trashed version. Remove it from the dock, and drag on the new app's icon.

Sometimes, only logging out and logging in can help - or even, heaven forbid, rebooting.

Check the permissions on the file as a last resort...

Do you have a question not answered here? Email us!

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