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Linked Text Areas (page 2)
• Selected linked Text Areas (except the last one in the chain) have a linked text indicator in their lower right hand corner, indicating that there’s more text.
To edit text in a linked Text Area, double-click in the Text Area or select the Text Area and click the Edit Text button in the Object Info pane.
• All of the linked Text Areas will be in edit mode.
• You will be able to see which Text Areas are linked, since they will all be outlined in blue.
To insert another linked Text Area into the chain, click on the linked text indicator of the Text Area preceding where you want to add the new linked Text Area.
A dialog will give you the option of inserting another Text Area, removing the current Text Area from the chain, or canceling.
• If you choose to insert another Text Area, the cursor will change to the linked text cursor, and you can click and drag to create another Text Area.
• If you choose to remove the current Text Area from the chain, the contents of that text area will be added to the next linked Text Area. The original Text Area will remain and will contain the text that it had before, but will no longer be part of the linked text chain.
• If you delete a linked Text Area, the text flows to the next linked Text Area.

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