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Working with Text

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Find (page 2)
To find and replace text within an entire Text Area or set of linked Text Areas, select the Entire Text radio button.

To limit text replacement to instances of the found text within the current selection only, select the Selection radio button.

To find and replace text within the whole document, select the Document radio button.

To find the text, click the Next button or choose Edit->Find->Find Next (Shift-Command-F). Create will find the text, even if it’s not visible within the Text Area.

To find text before the current selection, click the Previous button or choose Edit->Find->Find Previous (Option-Command-F).

To replace the text, enter the replacement value in the Replace With text field in the Find dialog. You can choose to Replace All, Replace the current selection, or Replace the current selection and Find the next instance.
Replace All will replace all instances of the text within the selected scope (Entire Text, Selection, or Document).

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