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Working with Color
Hidden Defaults
Hidden Defaults (page 3)
Arrow Key Movement:
Normally, the arrow keys move by 1 point. At 200%, it's .5, at 400% it's .25, at 800% it's .125, and so on. If you do not want this behavior because you demand integral origins, set this hidden default:

    defaults write com.stone.Create IntegerKeyMovementOnly YES
HTML Generation: Mailto:
By default, "mailto" links are scrambled so that web robots can't easily harvest the email addresses for spamming. To turn this feature off, use this hidden default:
    defaults write com.stone.Create DoNotScrambleMailto YES
HTML Generation: Font Formatting:
Create now uses <span> tags with CSS styles to format text, with text sizes rendered in pixels. (Example:
<span style=’font-size:10.0px;font-family:Lucida Grande, Helvetica, Arial;color:#000000’>). This also allows both right justification and fully justified text. If you prefer the older <font> tags (example: <font size=”1” face=”Lucida Grande, Helvetica, Arial” color=”#000000”>), use this hidden default:

defaults write com.stone.Create OldStyleFontTags YES

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