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Hidden Defaults
Hidden Defaults (page 2)
Here are some available defaults:

Reactivation behavior:
By default, if you reactivate Create and no windows are open, Create will make a new document. If you don’t want this new document created:

defaults write com.stone.Create DoNotOpenNewOnReactivate YES
Printing Shadows:
In Mac OS X 10.2 ( Jaguar), Create had shadows before they were publicly available, and extra work had to be done to make them print. However, with Panther, they printed twice. This is fixed for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), and the old behavior remains for Jaguar. If you’re running Jaguar and you notice that shadows don't print, you can set a hidden preference to restore Jaguar's behavior:

    defaults write com.stone.Create ShadowsNowPrint NO

If you have set this, when you upgrade to Panther, be sure to remove the hidden default:

    defaults remove com.stone.Create ShadowsNowPrint

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