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Auto Trace

Working with Color
Hidden Defaults
Auto Trace (page 2)
Minimum Curve Height
This slider, with a range of value from 0 to 20, is used to determine whether the a line bows enough to be considered a curve (spline) or whether it should just be a series of straight lines. 0 means make the AutoTrace with as many curves as possible, 20 means straight lines.

Maximum Angle of Variation
The angle of variation is used to determine whether the pixel that is being investigated is part of the line that is being generated, or whether it is part of the next line.

• The larger the angle is, the more tolerant of accepting the next pixel as part of the current line. The range varies from 0 to 45, with 0 being more precise, 45 being most tolerant of gaps. So you'll get fewer lines if you have a large value, but less resolution.

• The best way to learn about these parameters is to play with them until you get the trace you like. There is an interaction between the two values as the following results show.

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