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Auto Trace

Working with Color
Hidden Defaults
Animation: Viewing
To preview your animation, click the View Animation button. If you check the Slow Motion checkbox, you can view the animation in slow motion. This allows you to see each frame. If you check the Continuous checkbox, the animation will play over and over. Click anywhere to stop the animation.

• If Stone Design’s GIFfun is available, saving your animation will also:
1. Open GIFfun and load the animation folder just created.
2. Tell GIFfun to make an animated GIF.
3. Open the resulting animated GIF in your default browser.

• To make an animated GIF with a transparent background:
1. Set up your animation with the Animator panel.
2. Uncheck the Alpha checkbox.
3. Save the animation as TIFFs.
4. In GIFfun, click the Options… button and check the Use Transparent Color checkbox.

To Animate
View Animation

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