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Animation: Parameters (page 2)
The following parameters control the animation itself. For instance, the Scale parameters set the starting size and maximum size of the graphic. When animating, Create makes images that show the graphic in different sizes ranging from the Start scale to the Maximum scale.

Scale: controls the graphic’s size. If the Start value is 100% and the Max value is 100%, the graphic will stay the same size. You can set different values for horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) scaling.
Trans: controls the graphic’s change in location in points from the graphic’s current location. To make the graphic slide from left to right, enter a Trans X Start value that is less than the Trans X Max value. Trans X controls horizontal location; Trans Y controls vertical location.
Rotation: controls the graphic’s rotation in degrees. If Start is 0 and Max is 0, the graphic will not rotate. You can also set whether the rotation is clockwise or counterclockwise.
Loop: If Loop is checked for any of these values, the Max parameter will be the value for the middle frame. If unchecked, the Max value is the value for the last frame of the animation.
Interp: controls the rate of change for each frame. This controls the appearance of speed. Each animation factor (Scale, Translation, Rotation) can have its own rate of change. The choices are:
Linear: The change for each frame is equal.
Exponential: The animation starts slow and speeds up.
Logarithmic: The animation starts fast and slows down.
Sinusoidal: The animation starts slow, speeds up, and slows down.

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