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Animation: Parameters (page 1)

• The number of Frames: This is the number of files that will be produced to make the animation. The more frames you use, the finer the granularity of the animation, but the more file space your animation will take.

start num: Each frame file is named with a sequential number, starting with start num. You can change this value if you’re going to be adding these frames to frames that you have already created.

Frame: The clipping rectangle for the frame files. The frame needs to be large enough to hold the complete animation, including the results of changing the graphic’s location. To create the Frame, click the Current button to size the frame to the selected graphics. Use the nudge arrows to resize and relocate the frame as necessary. You may want to view the animation to see how where the frame should be located and how big it needs to be.

Note: When the Animator window is open, the current Frame shows in all document windows. To get rid of it, close the Animator window.

Alpha: GIFs can have one transparent color. You can set whether the GIF files will have a transparent color and what that color will be.

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