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Working with Color
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Animation: To Animate
To animate a graphic:
1. Bring up the Animator window (Tools->Animator).
2. Select the graphic. If nothing is selected, the Animator window does nothing.
3. Set the various parameters to control the animation.
4. Click the View Animation button to check your animation. Tweak the parameters as needed.
5. Set the Frame size and location. Click the Current button to enclose the selected graphic. Then use the nudge arrows to resize the frame to include all the animation graphics. You can check this using the View Animation button.
6. If you want, you can save the parameters with the graphic. To save the parameters, click the Params Saveā€¦ button.
7. Click the Save Animation button. Select a file location and name and choose whether you want to save the frame graphics as GIF or TIFF files.

To Animate
View Animation

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