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Preferences: Image: Imported Images (page 2)
You can tell whether an image is linked or copied by bringing up the Object Info panel (double-click on the image or choose Tools->Show Info (Shift-Command-I) and click on the Object tab. If the image is linked, the Link field will contain the image's full path. If the image is copied, the Link field will prefix the image's file name with the word "Embedded: ".

If you use linked images and want to mail or transfer your Create document, choose File->Embed Linked Images… to make sure all images are included within your document. Since this operation is not undoable, you may want to embed the images in a copy of the document.
Display Quality

tells Create to keep the image’s original resolution available for onscreen display. This is useful when you zoom in on images.

Low makes Create use a low resolution cache for onscreen display. This can be noticeably faster when working with large images. This option does not affect printing.

Use High as your default. Use Low only when you need to work with very large, high-resolution images.

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