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Preferences: Document: Saved Files
Use XML Format: Create normally saves document files in a very readable Property List format. This format doesn't work well with Japanese fonts, so Create provides an option of saving the document in XML. XML files are about twice as large and less readable than property list files.
Save backup file: If checked, whenever you save a file, Create will move your previously saved version to a file named <docfilename>~.cre8. You will always have both the most recently saved version and the previously saved version of your document.

Put Create® into PDF:
If checked, PDF images made from copy/paste or dragging from the Image Well have the native Create art format embedded in them. This lets you create art in Create, use it in other applications that accept PDF, and, if necessary, drop the PDFs back into Create, where the individual components can be edited.

Use Create® from PDF: If checked, when you drag a PDF image with Create information (see above) into Create, it will consist of the original Create artwork. If you want the PDF image instead, uncheck this checkbox.

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