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Keyboard Shortcuts (page 3)
• Cmd-{: Text Align Left
• Cmd-|: Text Align Center
• Cmd-}: Text Align Right

• Cmd-[: Align Left
• Cmd-]: Align Right
• Option-Cmd-[: Align Top
• Option-Cmd-]: Align Bottom
• Option-Cmd-{: Align Horizontal Centers
• Option-Cmd-}: Align Vertical Centers

• Cmd:>: Bring to Front
• Cmd-<: Send to Back
• Cmd-Option-,: Bring Closer
• Cmd-Option-.: Send Further

• Cmd-^: Zoom Out
• Cmd-%: Zoom In

• Cmd-/: Superscript
• Cmd-\: Subscript
• Option-Cmd-/: Raise Baseline
• Option-Cmd-\: Lower Baseline

• Cmd-+: Bigger font
• Cmd--: Smaller font

• Cmd-?: Help

• Tab: Hides/Shows all the panels/dialogs currently visible or recently hidden (when text is not in edit mode)

• Option-drag selected graphic to make a copy
* Shift-Option-drag a selected graphic to make a copy and constrain vertically or horizontally to the original

* Control-click to bring up contextual menu

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