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Master Layers
Master Layers
Use Master Layers to add graphics, guides and other objects to multiple pages in your document.

• For example, if you want the page number to appear on every page, make a Master Layer that contains a
Page Number object, and apply that Master Layer to every page in your document.

• If you want a different placement for the page number on odd and even pages, make two Master Layers and apply one to even pages and the other to odd pages.

• If you want to set a logical page number to be different from its actual number, see Tools->Show Info->Object "Offset page by" field when a Page Number object is selected.

    Note: If you add or remove pages, the pages that you originally added the even Master Layer to may no longer have an even page number. If you want to have a different header/footer layout for odd and even pages, wait until your document is complete before applying the Master Layers.

• You can have as many Master Layers as you want and each page can have multiple Master Layers.
Master Layers


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