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Web Resources (page 5)
To use Web Resources in your document, select the file or files in the Web Resources window and drag its icon to your document. If it’s an image file, Create will set the Use Image field in the Web Info pane to the output location and filename set in Web Resources. In the generated HTML, the <IMG> tag will reference the Web Resource file.

Example: Including a music file
    1. Add the music file to Web Resources.
    1a. Change the output directory if you don’t want the music file in your images directory.
    2. Add an
Embed graphic to your document.
    3. Bring up the
Object Info pane for the Embed graphic.
    4. Choose the EMBED tag from the drop down tag menu.
    5. Bring up the Web Resources window and select the music file that you added.
    6. Drag that file to the Source field.
    6a. Enter AUTOSTART="false" in the Include Custom HTML field. This will allow the viewer to choose whether or not to play the music.

Now, the HTML generated by Create will include the tags necessary to play the music file and the music file will be automatically copied to a subdirectory of the HTML folder.
Web Resources

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