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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Web Resources (page 2)
To add a file to Web Resources, drag the file from the Finder and drop it onto the Web Resources window. Create won’t let you add the same file more than once.

You can add multiple files: select multiple files in the Finder and drag them to the Web Resources window.

If you need to move your Create document to another system or send your document to someone, Web->Embed Resources... After giving you a chance to confirm or cancel, Create will copy the linked resources into your document.
Web Resources

Add Files
Name Output
Output Directory
Alt Tag
Using Files
To set the name of the output file, double-click in the Name field and enter a new name. The default name is the original file name.

To sort the items in the Web Resources window, click on the column header of the field you want to sort by.

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