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Creating Web Pages

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Generating HTML
Preparations: Adding Links (page 3)
Adding links to other local .html files

You may be planning to add the web pages generated from your current document to an existing web site and you want to be able to link to pages within that site. In Create, you can do that by dragging and dropping .html files--with a little preparation.

    Enter a Destination Path in Web->
Web Options…->Misc. This should be the full pathname of the folder in which you plan to generate the HTML for your document.
    Now, if you drag and drop a file onto a graphic or selected text in your document, Create figures out where that file is relative to your Destination Path, and makes a relative path link.

You’re building your site in
/Users/yourname/Documents/Web/MyNewSite/. You’ve already generated the HTML from a Create document in a folder named Macophile. Now, you’re working on another Create document and you plan to generate the HTML into a folder called /Users/yourname/Documents/Web/MyNewSite/MacOSXInfo/.
/Users/yourname/Documents/Web/MyNewSite/MacOSXInfo/ into the Destination Path field.
    Now, if you drop a file from the
Macophile folder onto graphics or text in your MacOSXInfo document, Create will make a relative link to that file: "../Macophile/filename".
Preparing the Document

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