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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Customizing HTML: Navigation Bars (page 2)
For a graphical navigation bar, check the Use images in navigation bar checkbox and choose a style from the drop down menu.

For a text navigation bar, make sure the Use images checkbox is unchecked.

If you want a custom navigation bar, choose Custom… from the navigation bar images drop down menu. Drag and drop your custom images from the Finder or any graphic program that supports drag and drop into the appropriate image well in the custom image window.

Custom HTML
Center Table
Table of Contents
Navigation Bars
Background Color
Background Image
Text Color
Adding HTML
Meta Tags
Page Title
Image Output
Text Output
Text as Image
Create® Logo
File Output
File Extensions
Saved Settings
Hint: To make custom contiguous navigation bar images, use Create to make the whole image and then divide it in SliceAndDice™. You can then drag the SliceAndDice generated images into Create’s custom navigation bar image wells.

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