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Stone Design
Stone Studio for OS X
In the presentation, we build the following document:
Note: this is a .tar.gz file that needs to be unpacked. Drag it into PackUpAndGo, from Stone Studio and then open the resulting Create document.

Interesting features:

Page 1:

The logo was stored in Create’s library resources; we just dragged it in. It was originally made in Create (see
Election Details Page 1 for the details on making the logo).

    • Easy reuse of graphics using drag and drop from Library

The flag down the side was made with a spline. We applied a “flag” effect (dragged from Library Resources) and then modifed the effect by changing the stroke widths, changing the number of copies, changing the distance between the copies, and changing the color, using the standard Apple color picker.

    • Easy reuse of effects (strokes and fills) using drag and drop from Library
    • Easy to modify effects to achieve a different look

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