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Details: Creating Election Brochure Page 6 Page: 2
4. Make a thumbnail image of the first page of your document:

    a. Navigate to the first page. Make sure nothing is selected on the page.
    b. Choose Thumbnail in the Image Well menu.
    c. Click in the Image Well and drag and drop onto your document.
    d. Cut (Command-X) the resulting thumbnail.
    e. Return to Page 6 in your document.
    f. Paste (Command-C) the image.

5. Add some text.

6. Add a link to the PDF file to the image.

    a. Select the image.
    b. Bring up the Web tab of the Info window.
    c. Bring up the Web Resources window.
    d. Select the PDF file in the Web Resources window.
    e. Drag and drop the icon of the file from the Web Resources window to the Another URL text field in the Info Window.
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