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Details: Creating Election Brochure Page 2 Page: 4
To save a style for future use:

1. Select the text with the style you want to reuse.
2. Select Style from the Image Well menu.
3. Bring up the Text Styles window (Format->Styles->Styles…).
4. Click on the word Styles in the Image Well and drag the resulting icon to the Text Styles window.
5. Rename the style by double-clicking on its name in the Text Styles window.

To apply a saved style:

1. Select the text to which you want to apply a style.
2. Bring up the Text Styles window (Format->Styles->Styles…).
3. Click on the Style description (not the Style’s name) and drag from the Styles window to the text.
    You can also select the Style and click the Add button in the Text Styles window.
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