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Stone Studio for OS X
Use GIFfun to make an animated GIF.

We use Create’s animation features to build a series of images. These images are automatically brought into GIFfun, where we can change the timing, rearrange the images, and set some output details. Then we use GIFfun to generate an animated GIF that we can then drag and drop back into our Create document. For details, see


• To demonstrate how easy it is to use Create and GIFfun to add animated GIFs to a web site.

Use PStill to convert an EPS from an old clip art collection to a PDF that can be used in Create and other Mac OS X programs.

We drag and drop an EPS file from the Finder to PStill. Then we drag and drop the resulting PDF from PStill’s window to our Create document. We resize and skew the image to show that it’s a vector PDF image, not a bitmap.


• To show how PStill makes it easy to use PS and EPS files in Mac OS X.

Note: If we have time, we also show how PStill can be used to:

• Redistill and shrink large PDF files
• Give control over the size of the images included in the PDF output.
• Combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file.
• Convert image files (JPEG, TIFF) into a PDF file.
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