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Stone Studio for OS X
Use PhotoToWeb to make a quick photo album.

We open a new document in PhotoToWeb and add some pictures (the same ones we’ve been using for the Elections demo).

We add a story to one of the photos by dragging and dropping an RTF file from the Finder into the Story text area. We change names and add titles and captions. Then we generate the HTML to see how the album looks with the default settings.

We then change the look of the album by dragging and dropping a pre-built album style onto the album and generate the HTML.


• To show PhotoToWeb’s features.
• To show how easy it is to customize an album.

We could have also used Stone Design’s iPhoto plugin to bring in photos from iPhoto and build a custom web photo album.

Add a link to the PhotoToWeb album to the original Election document

We want to set up our document so we can link to the PhotoToWeb album and have that album uploaded to the web server when we upload our Create site.

To do this, we drag and drop the HTML folder generated by PhotoToWeb into our Web Resources window (Web->Web Resources...). Then, when we want to add a link to our document, we drag and drop the folder’s icon from Web Resources to the Other URL: text field in the Web tab of the Info window.

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