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Stone Studio for OS X
To add the PDF file to the original Elections document, make a new Master Layer, drag and drop the PDF file from the Finder to the Master Layer. Add enough new pages to the document to display the PDF. Add the PDF Master Layer to the new pages. On the Master Layer, set the PDF’s start page to match the start page in your document. See AddingPDFDetails for details.


• Show how easy it is to use multi-page PDFs in Create.
• Show how you can use Create to add markup to PDFs and then generate a new PDF with the markup.

Build the SliceAndDice rollover that we added to the document earlier.

We use Create to scale and crop the original image, draw on the original image, and add a jail-bar Pattern superimposed on the image. We use SliceAndDice to generate the rollover graphic. We then put it back in Create; when we generate the HTML, the rollover will appear. See
SliceAndDiceDetails for more information.


• Show how easy it is to make rollovers using Create and SliceAndDice together.
• Show how patterns can be used to make design elements.
• Show how patterns can be built using all of Create’s drawing tools.

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