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Stone Studio for OS X
Start TimeEqualsMoney

We start out by opening TimeEqualsMoney and starting a new session. At the end of this demo, we’ll stop the session and generate an invoice to bill for our time.

Add a lot of text to the Elections2002 document.

We want to add an article detailing the positions of the candidates. We have this article in an RTF file, and we want to do a two-column layout. To do this, we’ll add another page to the document, drag and drop the RTF file from the Finder, lay out the two columns on this page, and then use a special Create feature for adding multiple pages of formatted text. (See
ElectionDetailsPage7 for more information.)


• Show how easy it is to add multiple pages of text to a document.

Fill out a form and add it to the document

Create makes it easy to fill out PDF forms. In this demo, we use a campaign questionnaire form. (We created the form in Create and generated the PDF version.)

PDF Form
To fill out the form, drag the PDF file from the Finder to the Create icon in the dock. Create will make a new document, with a master layer containing the PDF and enough pages in the document to display each page of the PDF. Use Create’s text tools to fill in the form. When you’re done, save the document as a PDF file.
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