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Stone Studio for OS X
Page 2:

We added photos and text from files and email. One of the photos was a large snapshot, and we used a mask group to get a headshot.

• Show easy drag and drop from other applications (Mail) and the Finder.
• Show working with images and easy masking.

We formatted the first text area and then applied its style to the second text area and saved the style for future use.

• Show standard Cocoa text formatting available in Create.
• Show standard Font window.
• Show use of styles for easy formatting.

Pages 3-5:

We dragged premade versions of these pages in from the Library Resources. We applied the Background Master Layer to each page.

• To save time by not making each page.
• To again demonstrate ease of saving and reusing resources.
• To again demonstrate how Master Layers provide consistency for multi-page layouts.

Back to Page 1:

We added thumbnails of the candidates’ pictures that we had already created and stored in Library Resources. Each thumbnail already has a link to the appropriate page in the document. (

Note: These links are for the HTML output. You can use them to navigate within your document by selecting the object, bringing up the Web tab of the Info window, and clicking the Open Link Button.

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