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Stone Studio for OS X
Master Layer:

After adding the logo and making the flag border, we chose Page in the Image Well and dragged the page into the document. In the dialog box, we chose to add the page as a Master Layer. We did not add the page to all the other pages. We modified this page by shrinking the logo and moving it above the flag border. We also added guides to help keep the page layout consistent. (See
Master Layer for details.)

    • Easy to duplicate and modify pages.
    • Show the versatility of the Image Well.
    • Easy to add guides to help with layouts.

Page 2:

We went back to page 1 and added a page. We brought up the Master Layer window and added the master layer to the new page. We also named the page “President” and named the Master Layer “Background”. Naming pages is useful for helping us keep track of them. In addition, Create uses the page names when generating HTML. (

    •.Show how to apply Master Layers to pages.
    • Show how to name pages and Master Layers.

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